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Enrolment in Undergraduate Studies

Admission limit: 35 full-time students




Registration for the state graduation exam and for the study programmes at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek for all applicants is done through the National University Application Information System (NISpVU), which can be accessed via the website www.postani-student.hr.


To enrol in the Undergraduate university study of medical laboratory diagnostics, the applicants must have completed a four-year high school and passed the state graduation exam in each of the following three subjects:


  • Croatian language B level – 15% of enrolment points
  • Maths B level – 20% of enrolment points
  • Foreign language B level – 20% of enrolment points

and passed the mandatory elective subject Chemistry, for which they are awarded 20% of enrolment points.

Based on the high school success, the applicants can earn up to 25% of enrolment points.

The candidates do not have to pass the elective subjects Biology or Physics (they are not mandatory). By passing one subject the additional points are earned and the best result will be valued with 20%.


- in the summer exam period: 22 July 2022

- in the autumn exam period: 21 September 2022


The enrolment timetable will be published here on 19 July 2022 or 20 September 2022.


The Faculty of Medicine Osijek will demand the reimbursement of the opportunity costs incurred due to the unfilled place in the amount no less than one annual tuition fee amounting to EUR 1,226.36 (HRK 9,240.00) from all the candidates who failed to unregister from the study programme they did not intend to study before the publication of the final ranking lists, and who do not exercise the right to enrol in that study programme earned with the publication of the final ranking lists.


The decision according to which the costs are charged can be found here.


A prerequisite for enrolment:

Medical certificate on general health and psychophysical capabilities to study (to be brought on the day of enrolment)

The enclosed medical certificate including the ophthalmologist’s findings related to visual acuity and distinguishing colours (to be brought on the day of enrolment)


Documents needed for enrolment:

Form: The documentation needed for the enrolment can be downloaded here

An example of a payment slip can be seen here

The medical certificate form can be downloaded here


More information:

More detailed information on the enrolment conditions and candidate selection criteria can be obtained from the Students’ Office of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek, Josipa Huttlera 4, Osijek, by phone at 031/399-625 and at the website:  www.mefos.unios.hr.