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Student Ombudsman

The institution of a Student Ombudsman is present in all legal documents related to higher education. The student ombudsman of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek is primarily a student, a person who understands and monitors all legal changes related to studying and its quality. In line with the law and the Statute, the Student Council Assembly elects the student ombudsman for a period of one academic year.


The student ombudsman:

  • receives student complaints related to their rights and discusses them with the competent authorities of the Faculty
  • provides advice to students on how to exercise their rights
  • may participate in disciplinary proceedings against students in order to protect their rights
  • performs other tasks determined by the Statute of the Faculty and the general acts of the University and the Faculty.


The student ombudsman at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek: Ivan Prigl


Office hours for consultations: per arrangement

E-mail: studentski.pravobranitelj@mefos.hr


Decision on the appointment of the Student Ombudsman of the Faculty of Medicine of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek


Please note that all communication with the Student Ombudsman is strictly confidential, so you can contact them regarding any of your problems, questions, suggestions and criticism related to studying at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek.


Contact us with trust!


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