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E-Learning Systems

Starting from the academic year 2017/2018, the Faculty of Medicine Osijek uses the Merlin e-learning system.


The Merlin e-learning system enables teachers, students and institutions in the higher education system to deliver courses, which are listed as lectures of the individual institutions, with the application of e-learning technologies. Merlin is based on the Moodle open-source system, which has been further expanded and adjusted in line with the users’ needs by the team of Srce e-learning centre, so today it represents the most modern e-learning system. The Merlin virtual e-learning environment consists of the Merlin e-learning system, the webinars system and e-portfolio system and is connected to the ISVU system (Information System of Higher Education Institutions).


Connecting the Merlin system to the ISVU system enables institution administrators of Merlin to open all courses from the ISVU system on the Merlin system and to enrol teachers and students. You can log in to the Merlin e-learning system using an electronic identity from the AAI@EduHr system. Your home institution (university) assigns you an electronic identity. The terms of use of the system are defined by the Rulebook on the organisation and use of the Merlin e-learning system.


The system is maintained by the employees of the Srce centre for e-Learning, who ensure its reliable and uninterrupted operation and availability to university institutions, teachers and students, simultaneously providing technical support for its use. The Merlin system is currently based on the 3.9. version of the Moodle system.


The coordinator for Merlin at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek:

Bojan Tovjanin dipl.ing.



link: https://moodle.srce.hr/2022-2023/