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The Library of the Faculty of Medicine of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek opened its doors in the middle of 1993. The Faculty of Medicine became an independent institution in 1998 upon adopting the founding act, together with all its organisational units including the library, so it might be said that we are a relatively new library, but we are striving to offer services and quality of the same level as similar libraries.


Each library, including ours, has the basic function and task of systematic and continuous selection of library materials, professional processing, storing, preservation and protection of library materials, as well as providing diverse library services to its users.


In its operation, the library relies on the work of the Central Medical Library at University of Zagreb School of Medicine and uses the classification scheme and thesaurus of the MeSH National Library of Medicine (Bethesda, USA). It pays special attention to the systematic acquisition of basic and supplementary library materials (textbooks and scripts) needed in line with the Curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek.


The library of the Faculty of Medicine shares its location with the Expert Library of the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek, so the libraries complement each other and jointly provide better service.


The library has some 165 square metres of users’ area, offering free access to bookshelves and a reading room with 16 sitting workstations equipped with computers connected to the Carnet network, providing users with online access to the catalogue for searching both our fund and the network of libraries in the country and abroad. As we live in times of fast information and communication technology, the Library of the Faculty of Medicine is adapting to the new way of work, including faster and more comprehensive monitoring of information in the field of biomedicine.


Library opening hours: weekdays from 7:00 to 18:00.


The library is open to students, scientists, teachers, associates and other users who need medical information.




Bisera Kopf





Josipa Huttlera 4

31000 Osijek

Phone: 031 512 891, 031 511 109









- on presentation of the student matriculation book

- the users must provide their personal data to the librarian

- immediately prior to completing or withdrawing from the studies, a student/user must return all materials to the library, presenting the Student transcript book

- before ceasing to work for the MFO or KBC Osijek or retiring, an employee/user must return all materials to the library and receive a written confirmation of returning the materials.





- it is not allowed to bring food or drink to the library or to disturb other users by talking loudly or leaving the reading room too often

- switching off one’s mobile phone while working in the library is recommended

- underlining the text in the library materials is strictly forbidden

- damaging or losing library material is compensated by buying the same material.





- a book and textbook fund; mandatory and supplementary materials for classes

- a collection of foreign journals covering the fields of preclinical sciences and clinical disciplines (property of the KBC Osijek Library – free access)

- a collection of national medical journals

- reference collection, including the most important biomedical secondary and tertiary publications

- a collection of doctoral and master's theses defended at medical faculties in Osijek, Rijeka and Split

- a collection of graduate and final theses defended at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek.





use of all types of books in the reading room

borrowing textbooks that the library has multiple copies of and foreign magazines

searching databases (search results are downloaded to the user's USB key or given in a printed form)

photocopying articles from magazines

interlibrary loan (from other Croatian medical libraries and from abroad (Subito, British Library))

training users how to use the information sources (help in searching online databases)

issuing certificates on the citation indexing and citation of papers for the purpose of academic advancement, applications for projects, scholarships, etc.



To be borrowed outside the library:


The following are issued for use outside the library:

student textbooks if the library has a sufficient number of copies (one copy is kept for work in the library), the user can borrow no more than three different titles for 30 days, or longer if necessary, but only in case the title is not demanded by other users

foreign magazines for a period no longer than 7 days.

Library materials can be borrowed for use outside the library only by students, teachers, scientists and associates of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek, as well as doctors and other staff of the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek.






Repository of final and graduate theses - doctoral dissertations - repozitorij.mefos.hr