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Clinical Skills Training Centre

Clinical skills training centre of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek has been renovated and equipped with new basic and advanced life support equipment for adults and children. Parts of the centre are intended to be used for learning basic and advanced life support skills, first aid and resuscitation of trauma patients, children, as well as skills necessary to work as a general practitioner or in other segments of medical profession such as emergency medicine, urology, etc. There is a 30-seat conference room in the Clinical skills training centre, which will host theory classes the participants will attend prior to working in groups.


The Clinical skills training centre is equipped with basic and advanced life support training adult and child mannequins, with equipment for treating trauma patients, for primary wound treatment, immobilisation and transport of the accident victims, catheterisation, palpation of breast and skin changes, establishment of vascular access, the intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular therapy, the ECG, and for the specific monitoring of patients and other equipment.


The Centre is run by Professor Slavica Kvolik, MD, PhD, Head of Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Management. Expert associates include Višnja Ikić, MD, instructor of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the head of the ERC ALS courses, and the ERC instructors Nenad Nešković (ITLS, the co-head), Sonja Škiljić and Hrvoje Vinković for the BLS and the ALS. Teaching staff of paediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine and other departments will participate in the work of the Centre.


In addition to the regular classes for medical students, the Clinical skills training centre will host “Learning skills” courses organised by the EMSA, as well as other courses supported by the Faculty of Medicine Osijek.


Head of The Clinical skills training centre:

Professor Slavica Kvolik, MD, PhD