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Mentorship System

The “Student Mentor” programme has been implemented by the Croatian Medical Student International Committee (CroMSIC) for many years. The guiding principle of this programme, “We learn in order to teach”, creates many friendships and collaborations, making it easier for the students of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek to successfully master their subjects and surpass all obstacles. After completing the first year of medical studies, students can apply to be mentors to future students. Mentor-student pairs are created in an alphabetical order, but if a student wants to be a mentor to an exact colleague, they can indicate this when applying. The applications are submitted using a form prepared by CroMSIC and the said form is sent to all study years of medical studies. One student can be a mentor to several students of younger generations, but we try to give priority to colleagues who have just finished their first year in order to provide our freshmen with the most up-to-date information.